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How to upload photos on Instagram from your PC.

Log in to your Instagram account using Chrome.Click either right or left (free white area) and right click.From the drop down menu click on Inspect. From the new window that opens, go to the top left and click on the second icon that toggles between Desktop and Mobile. Click on the latter. Go to Responsive... Continue Reading →

How Renaissance Artists Brought Pornography to the Masses

Enea Vico, Venus and Mars Embracing as Vulcan Works at His Forge, 1543. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Almost immediately after the introduction of any major technological advancement, humans inevitably end up employing it for porn. “Sometimes the erotic has been a force driving technological innovation,” John Tierney penned in 1994, the early days of the World... Continue Reading →

Colors of the Moon

Colors of the MoonImage Credit & Copyright: Marcella Giulia Pace Explanation: What color is the Moon? It depends on the night. Outside of the Earth's atmosphere, the dark Moon, which shines by reflected sunlight, appears a magnificently brown-tinged gray. Viewed from inside the Earth's atmosphere, though, the moon can appear quite different. The featured image highlights a collection of apparent colors... Continue Reading →

The “Immortal Bridge”!

Κανείς δεν γνωρίζει πώς αυτοί οι τεράστιοι ογκόλιθοι έπεσαν σε αυτό το ασυνήθιστο μέρος και σχημάτισαν μια φυσική γέφυρα που συνδέει τους δύο κατακόρυφους βράχους πάνω από ένα μακρύ φαράγγι. Ονομάζεται «Αιώνια Γέφυρα» και βρίσκεται στο όρος Mount Tai στην Επαρχία Shangdong της ανατολικής Κίνας. Πρόκειται για ένα βουνό πολιτιστικής και θρησκευτικής σημασίας και θεωρείται... Continue Reading →

Google’s Free App Analyzes Your Selfie and then Finds Your Doppelganger in Museum Portraits (by Ayun Halliday, via: )

Having the ability to virtually explore the history, back stories and cultural significance of artworks from over a thousand museums generates nowhere near the excitement as a feature allowing users to upload selfies in hopes of locating an Instagram-worthy doppelgänger somewhere in this vast digital collection. On the other hand, if this low-brow innovation leads... Continue Reading →


Επιλογή φωτογραφιών από άρθρα που δημοσιεύτηκαν στην Huffington Post υπό τον τίτλο "13 Amazing Photos You Missed This Week". (

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