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The bodypainting and the flower heads of the Surmas / Suris.

Giovanna Aryafara is an Australian artist and photographer, passionate about the people of Surmas / Suris. The tribe inhabits the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia and their characteristic is the body painting and the flower heads. © Giovanna Aryafara Photography (all rights reserved / All rights reserved)

Falko One

Falko One's street art has taken him from his beloved Cape Town to Singapore, Dubai and beyond. In search of something closer to home, the internationally renowned graffiti artist embarked on a journey across South Africa with Red Bull to leave his mark in colourful murals in each of the towns, small dorpies and informal... Continue Reading →

Film Meets Art I, II & ΙΙΙ

Υπέροχα βιντεάκια με παραδείγματα του πώς η μία μορφή τέχνης επηρεάζεται από την άλλη. Εδώ βλέπουμε σε split εικόνα, διάσημους πίνακες και τις αντίστοιχες σκηνές του κινηματογράφου για τις οποίες αποτέλεσαν πηγή έμπνευσης.

Studio Visit With Artist Sara Shamma

Damascus - Lebanon - London Artist Sara Shamma lived and studied in Damascus, Syria and after a short stay in Lebanon, she moved to London where she currently lives and works, under the auspices of an Exceptional Talent Visa. She focuses on death and humanity through portraits and children that are often created after years... Continue Reading →

Viewing Iran and Its Complexities Through the Eyes of Visual Artists (By Anna Diamond,, September 26, 2019)

Compelling works from six female photographers tell stories of revolution, displacement and longing for home Untitled from the series "Witness 1979" by Hengameh Golestan, March 11 1979 (Freer|Sackler) The snowflakes, the ones unimpeded by the decorative umbrellas, fall on the women’s heads, sticking to their knit beanies and scarves and catching on their uncovered hair. The women’s... Continue Reading →

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