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Urgent calls to protect Afghan cultural workers and safeguard heritage

Heritage professionals express fears for colleagues in the country, 24 August 2021 The entrance to the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul, pictured in 2013 Masoud Akbari, Wikimedia Commons The international heritage community has called for Afghanistan’s cultural heritage workers, sites and treasures to be protected as the Taliban seizes power. In a statement last week,... Continue Reading →

Pompeii Archaeologists Have Unearthed the ‘Lamborghini’ of Chariots, Used to Chauffeur the Elite During Ancient Festivals

Erotic scenes of satyrs and nymphs adorn the chariot. Experts at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii working on the chariot unearthed at the Civita Giuliana. Photo Luigi Spina, courtesy Archaeological Park of Pompeii. An excavation just north of Pompeii has unearthed a large and almost entirely intact ceremonial chariot. The find is unique in the... Continue Reading →

Nemrut – The Mountain Tomb

Nemrut is a mountain in the Taurus Mountain range that separates the Mediterranean coastal region from the central Anatolian Plateau in southern Turkey. In 62 BC, King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene constructed a tomb-sanctuary on the summit of the mountain, at an elevation of 2,134 metres. Antiochus I Theos of Commagene was the King... Continue Reading →

Ritual Dance from Pitsa Cave

Ritual dance. Painting on wood panel (L. 31.6 cm, w. 14 cm), from Pitsa Cave, second half of the 6th c. B.C., National Archaeological Museum, Athens, inv. 16467. Detail of the female figures in raking light. c G. Verri.

SOS Help-Line 15900

Η Γραμμή  SOS 15900 είναι µια υπηρεσία εθνικής εµβέλειας που δίνει τη δυνατότητα στις γυναίκες θύµατα βίας ή σε τρίτα πρόσωπα να επικοινωνήσουν άµεσα µε ένα φορέα αντιµετώπισης της έµφυλης βίας. Τη γραμμή στελεχώνουν ψυχολόγοι και κοινωνιολόγοι που παρέχουν άμεση βοήθεια σε έκτακτα και επείγοντα περιστατικά βίας σε 24ωρη βάση, 365 µέρες το χρόνο. Ταυτόχρονα... Continue Reading →

The New Lighting of the Acropolis

"In a time filled with darkness, all we can do is seek out the light. On Wednesday, September 30, the new lighting of the Acropolis was presented with a unique audiovisual event. The contribution and implementation of the project was done by the Onassis Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and... Continue Reading →

Troia Foundation

Çanakkale-Tübingen Troia Foudation was established on the 9th August in 2004 by Prof. Dr. h.c. Manfred Osman Korfmann in Çanakkale. This foundation is affiliated with the Tübingen Troia Foundation. Tübingen Troia Foundation supports research and publication studies in Tübingen, while Çanakkale-Tübingen Troia Foundation promotes the research, excavation, restoration and preservation of Troia. Source:

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