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“An Uncommon Bond”

Perhaps the most important question you can ask a potential love partner relates to their relationship with the shadow- their own, and the shadow that emerges in the relationship itself.

That is ‘How much work are you willing to do on yourself and the relationship when the s*#t hits the fan? Are you willing to go as deep as we have to go to work it through, or are you only interested in a breezy, low-maintenance relationship?’

Few people ever talk about this during the romantic phase, because they are not envisioning the challenges to come, but it is an essential inquiry. I have known many people who were shocked to watch their ‘great love’ walk out the door when the connection required personal accountability and therapeutic work-through.

Some of us will brave the journey; others will flee the fire. Some of us will do the work to transform our stories into the light at their source; others will run away with their ‘tales’ between their legs, only to find out later that their tales go with them everywhere they go.

If we can determine someone’s willingness at the beginning, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble later. (~an excerpt from ‘An Uncommon Bond’, available on Amazon in paperback/kindle/audiobook at this link…

By Jeff Brown

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