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UNESCO / Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (Mexico) / Suspicious Deaths of Guides.

UNESCO expresses its sadness and dismay and at the same time is calling for light to be shed on the deaths of Mr Raúl Hernández, - guide of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (Mexico) and committed nature conservation activist - , whose body, bearing signs of violence, was found on 3 February in the state... Continue Reading →

‘Anthropocene’ Documentary Shows How Humans Are Wreaking Havoc On The Planet (By Brooke Shuman via: )

Industrialization, massive trash dumps and other factors have potentially helped usher in a new geological era. “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch,” a documentary by filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and photographer Edward Burtynsky, is a nature story gone awry, a dazzling and at times nauseating document of the far-reaching, and possibly catastrophic, impact that humans... Continue Reading →

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